Some of Crypto's Biggest Scams

Where there’s money, there are snakes and snake oil salesman. As we’ve seen over the past few months in the blockchain industry, nefarious market participants and companies don’t do so well when prices go down and their collateral gets liquidated. On the way up, everyone is making money so no one complains but on the way down, there are lawsuits. It’s important to remember that in many of these cases, the majority of money lost is by retail investors, not wall street aficionados or venture cap

11. Gamerjibe (Inverse) Interview

The following is an interview I had with Peter Perez from Gamerjibe (soon to rebrand as Inverse), a next-gen events platform that lets you attend virtual gatherings using just a web browser. Peter is the Head of Community and initially posted this on Metajibe, Gamerjibe’s blog that explores web 3, NFTs, and the metaverse. **I have no financial affiliation with the company. To see the original post, click here. All writing is Peter’s aside from my answers. As we continue our “Paving the Road t

Solana Pay x Solflare

The Solana blockchain was built to facilitate the fastest state changes in the world. A state change can be anything from the price of an asset changing to the balance of someone’s wallet changing. With the recent release of Solana Pay, any vendor anywhere in the world will be able to connect to the Solana blockchain and securely accept cryptocurrency payments using QR codes. With the development of Solana Pay, Solana is now the first blockchain that enables live transactions. You can use SOL o

What are Perpetual Futures Contacts?

• Perpetual Futures Contracts are derivatives that do not expire. • Funding rates are used to peg the futures price to that of the underlying. • You can trade on-chain futures using your Solflare wallet. Perpetual futures contracts are derivatives. Derivatives are tradable financial instruments that fluctuate in value as a real-time response to an underlying asset’s price changes. A trade of the underlying asset itself would be referred to as a spot trade. This underlying asset could be anythi

The 3 Wallets Everyone Should Set Up

For the first time in history, you have the ability to control and safeguard your own assets without an intermediary giving you permission to do so. This is possible because of blockchains, non-custodial wallets, and the beauty of self-custody. To answer Raj’s question, this article will break down the first 3 wallet types that we think everyone should set up. The benefits of self-custody are far-reaching. Rather than go into all of it here, the scope of this article will only require you to u

10. Web 3

I wrote this article for my employer, Solrise, as the third in a series of 3 articles breaking down the history and function of Web 1, Web 2, and Web 3. The following was originally published through Solflare’s Knowledge Base, a compendium of useful articles, guides, and spotlights focused on the robust Solana ecosystem. Web 1: The Unraveling and Web 2: The Crisis broke down the series of events, innovations, and issues that brought the internet to where it is today. It’s apparent that we live

9. Web 2

I wrote this article for my employer, Solrise, as the second in a series of 3 articles breaking down the history and function of Web 1, Web 2, and Web 3. Let’s get into it. The following was originally published through Solflare’s Knowledge Base, a compendium of useful articles, guides, and spotlights focused on the robust Solana ecosystem. In Web 1: The Unraveling, I broke down the cultural and generational context of how the infrastructure for the modern internet came to be as well as how it

8. Web 1

Welcome back to the DAOJ, it’s been a while. This post is a bit different from previous ones. It’s a re-publishing of an article that I wrote for my employer, Solrise. It’s actually the first of a 3 part series that will be released here for my subscribers who may not be aware of Solflare’s Knowledge Base. After that, I am going to make a post about the Solrise / Solflare ecosystem at large before moving on to another topic. Releases from the DAOJ will be fairly sporadic going forward. If you

What is a Mnemonic Phrase?

Mnemonic phrases, also called recovery phrases or seed phrases, are 12-24 word sequences that enable an individual or institution to access funds in a non-custodial wallet. This article breaks down what mnemonic phrases are and how they work but first, let’s break down the focal points of any non-custodial digital wallet – private keys and public keys. • A single mnemonic phrase can access a nearly infinite number of different wallet accounts. • Inputting a mnemonic phrase to access the content

Zeta Spotlight

Zeta.Markets is a powerful under-collateralized derivatives platform that offers futures and options trading. Using Solana as a base layer and Serum for its underlying liquidity, Zeta looks to not only give traders the on-chain derivative trading experience that they can expect from traditional centralized exchanges but to enhance the product by minimizing barriers to entry. In traditional finance, derivatives are the elephant in the room. Their trading volumes massively outweigh spot trading v

Why Solflare and Marinade Partnered for the Greater Good

Marinade Finance and Solflare wallet are teaming up to help further the decentralization of the Solana blockchain. Marinade’s liquid staking solution has now been integrated directly into Solflare! Marinade Finance is a trustless liquid staking solution for the Solana ecosystem. Traditionally, when a token is staked, that token is illiquid and “out of commission” until unstaked. This dilutes capital efficiency and involves an implicit opportunity cost – which Marinade has succeeded in recoverin

Orca: Solana's wondrous DEX built for people, not programs

A DEX is a peer-to-peer marketplace where traders can swap tokens with one another in a non-custodial fashion using smart contracts. There are various forms of Automated Market Makers (AMMs) that facilitate the token exchange process using liquidity pools funded by liquidity providers (LPs). With over $800 million in total value locked (TVL) Orca is the fourth largest application built on Solana and is the third most utilized DEX right behind Raydium and Project Serum. Due to their interoperabi

MeanFi’s IDO

MeanFi, a permissionless banking service provider on Solana, is releasing their MEAN token through two avenues, a Mean Launch and through the lottery system on Solanium‘s Launchpad. The Mean Launch comprises aspects of a traditional launchpad, a Mango-style contract, and a fair auction using an LBP (liquidity bootstrapping pool). 20% of the tokens purchased in the IDO are immediately available while the remaining 80% are money streamed over the next 12 months. Presently, Solflare is the only wa

MeanDAO & MeanFi

MeanDAO, the organization governing Mean Protocol, recently launched its flagship product, MeanFi. With the hopes of onboarding, the next generation of early adopters into crypto, Mean Protocol offers a collection of interoperable smart contracts that facilitate decentralized banking processes on Solana. The protocol aims to position MeanFi as a permissionless banking services provider, effectively bringing many of the services common to TradFi into DeFi for the first time. One of the fundament

Raydium's AcceleRaytor

Raydium is one of the premier dApplications built on the Solana blockchain. They’ve leveraged Solana’s fast transaction speeds and cheap fee structures to introduce a powerful suite of DeFi products with integrations from Project Serum. Along with a user-friendly trading interface, Raydium offers yield farms, liquidity pools, an AcceleRaytor launchpad, and a new NFT launchpad called DropZone. Raydium’s governance token is RAY and at the time of writing, it is the 127th largest cryptocurrency by

7. The Synthetic Issue

Synthetic assets have been around for quite some time. They’re simply assets that reflect the value of other assets. A deed to a house is a synthetic asset just like a title to a vehicle is. A work contract synthetically values service as an asset just like various options strategies replicate financial exposures to other financial instruments. ETFs synthetically track and value a collection of underlying stocks and real estate is slowly becoming a tokenized digital asset class. NFTs are synth

Derivation Paths & My Solflare Wallet

Digital wallets introduce many new concepts such as public & private keys, keystore files, mnemonics, and self-custody. It can be intimidating to newcomers who only hear about the risks of losing access to these wallets or sending funds to the wrong address. While those risks are real, the benefits of non-custodial digital wallets like Solflare greatly outweigh them. For a refresher on how Non-custodial wallets benefit society, be sure to check out this article. One of the most important featur

What are Swaps?

In the crypto world, a “swap” refers to the act of exchanging one cryptocurrency for the equivalent value of another. The difference between swaps and trades is swaps refer to the selling or buying of an asset from a liquidity pool where the price is managed by an automated market maker (AMM). Trades refer to selling or buying assets on an exchange using an order book. Swaps are a basic function of a decentralized exchange. You can even swap in some non-custodial wallets, like Solflare. Swaps ar

What is SOL Staking?

SOL Staking is the process where SOL holders delegate a defined amount of their SOL to a validator, or set of validators, in return for monetary rewards in the form of more SOL. This secures the Solana blockchain by empowering the decentralized network of validators who validate transactions through consensus mechanisms. They are required to have been delegated a certain number of SOL and their likelihood to validate a block of transactions increases as more SOL is delegated to them. They also

What are SPL tokens?

SPL tokens are tokens on the Solana blockchain. They conform to the Solana Program Library which is a collection of on-chain programs that govern how the tokens function. Altcoins have become a dirty word in much of the legacy financial system, primarily due to 2017’s ICO era. Wall Street, or at least the ‘Old Wall’ (and the IRS), recognizes Bitcoin and Ethereum as commodities while dismissing other tokens as a general altcoin market full of valueless tokens and a few diamonds in the rough. The
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